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    Now you can enjoy a simple and pleasant meal anytime, anywhere without washing dishes.


    Good ideas come from consideration.Good ideas come from consideration.
    Cookin Paper is a small but strong company that is constantly attracting

    customers with new ideas.

    Paper Pot Series

    Paper pot for direct fire


    It can be directly heated by gas stoves such as camping /

    fishing / night snacks, and can be used in other appliances

    such as microwave ovens.

    (Gas stove, microwave oven, oven, air fryer, fire can be used)

    Hybrid paper pot


    Induction-only model released!

    Paper pot for 1 person / multi-person paper pot (for induction) /

    Paper pot for vending machine / Paper flower pots / gift box

    (Direct fire, oven, induction, airfryer, firewood)

    Tray packaging paper pot


    Roll Pressing Paper Pot & HMR Food Application

    Paper pot for instant food cookers


    Hygienic and safe instant food cooker paper pot,

    convenient to boil ramen on the Han River

     NEWS & MIDEA 


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